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Papa’s Bakeria

Throughout the years, Papa Louie has offered everything from chicken wings to sundaes. Well, now it’s Papa’s 10th anniversary, and Flipline Studios are treating us to the very best food in town in their latest simulation game, Papa’s Bakeria. None of your lowly burgers and simple pizzas this time. We’re baking pies. Gorgeous, scrumptious, somewhat crazy pies. Gingersnap crust filled with dragonfruit and purple yam, topped with white chocolate and kumquats? Coming right up! But in order to reach such excessive levels of vibrant wackiness, you have to start as a simple pie maker with just a few ingredients. Every day, you’ll take orders from customers: they’ll inform you what crust, filling and toppings they desire. Then, you’ll assemble the pie, bake it and decorate it, before presenting it to the customer for assessment. The better the end product, the larger your pointer, and you can use the money to purchase some extremely practical upgrades. Between levels, you can play an array of mini-games which award decorations for the dining establishment. Dressing up the location will result in increased customer perseverance and, you guessed it, larger ideas.

Papa’s Bakeria As compared to some titles in the Papa’s series, the Bakeria is, dare I state it, nearly easy as pie. The best obstacle stays managing all the workstations and the shop front, since Papa has no intent of hiring more individuals to help you out. Nevertheless, that’s a great deal simpler when the actual baking mechanics are not nearly as fiddly as they could be. Sure, it’s hard to squirt whipped cream entirely nicely, or to organize all twelve cherries in a best circle. But the putting together doesn’t take a lot of actions and the customers are very flexible even if your baking is not precisely cordon bleu-worthy. Naturally, it assists that you can now offer them clothing as a token of your gratitude. Sycophantic, yes, however it brings results. This is just one of the myriad of little things you can do and buy when you’re not slaving over a hot stove. There are outfits for yourself and your server, sticker labels, daily specials with rewards, worker ranks, and lots more, though few of them are brand-new. Similar to every other game in the series, a various sort of food implies various gameplay, but the general feel is quite familiar, even if you’ve just ever played Papa’s Pizzeria, which came out nine years back. Altering essential features is difficult, especially in a franchise that’s been very successful for so long, but if the food is the just significant variable, one day Papa will lose dining establishments to open. Papa’s Crunchy Cricketeria? Papa’s 3D-printed Dinneria? Only time will inform! Till then, why not stick to tried and real dishes and bake a macaron-topped pie with sugarplums and mint syrup? You know you wish to!

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